domingo, 22 de diciembre de 2013


Si mañana me tocase la lotería este sería mi primer dispendio. Con Vds la reedición del año sin ningún genero de dudas. LEE HAZLEWOOD INDUSTRIES

Mi sueño es la edición superdeluxe edition con 4cds y 4DVDS

Solo unos 150 euracos


  • 172 Page Hard Cover Book:
    - LP-sized cloth bound book with gold foil stamp
    - Over 150 rare &
unseen photos
+ In depth essays
    - LHI history, album breakdowns, 27 artist profiles, LHI timeline, and interviews with Lee & dozens of label alum.
  • Cowboy in Sweden The Film, on DVD (1970, 60 mIns):
    - First time available. New digital transfer from the original 16mm master negative at the Swedish Broadcasting Co. Fully restored in HD with re-mastered sound. Region Free.
  • 4 CDs (107 Tracks):
    - Meticulously Re-mastered. Analog transfers captured at 24-bit/96-kHz. 95% of transfers from original analog master tapes (remainder transferred from mint vinyl).
    - DISCS 1 & 2: Everything Lee recorded for LHI, including every 45 single and album (Cowboy in Sweden, Forty, The Cowboy & The Lady, and Requiem For an Almost Lady), plus a handful of unreleased tracks.
    - DISCS 3 & 4: Key tracks from the LHI stable
 of artists, including Suzi Jane Hokom, The Kitchen Cinq, Ann-Margret, Honey Ltd., The International Submarine Band, Arthur, The Aggregation, Sanford Clark, Lynn Castle, The Surprise Package, Virgil Warner, and Hamilton Streetcar, amongst many others.
    - 14 unreleased tracks
  • From Lee’s Personal ‘Stache:
    - Flexi disc featuring unheard Lee ‘studio chatter’ (“Play it like a cowboy song”)
    - Reproduction of Lee’s original embossed LHI business card
    - 5 random copies include a “Golden Ticket” for a free subscription to Light In The Attic’s Lee Hazlewood Archive Series


(Note: Deluxe Edition includes everything above from Standard Edition plus the below extras)
  • 3 DVDs (305 Tracks):
    - LHI catalog as both WAVs & MP3s (320 Kbps) – covering 17 albums and 138 A&B sides. DVDs exclude The International Submarine Band.
    - Meticulously re-mastered
    - DISC 1: LHI catalog (MP3 w/ cover art)
    - DISC 2: LHI LPs (WAV w/ cover art)
    - DISC 3: LHI 45 Singles (WAV w/ label art)
  • Cloth Bound Clamshell Box:
    - Gold foil stamped and debossed silhouette of Lee
  • From The LHI Vault:
    - 6 glossy LHI promo photos

    - 1970 Hazlewood Airlines ticket

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